Recent testimonials of people requesting Wayne Chaulk recordings.

Personal Testimonials

Have listened to your CD Worship and Inspirational Favourites and truth is, I listen to it all the time-you’ve got me hooked! Your music is a tremendous blessing.
Hank Hanegraaff, President
The Bible Answer Man
Hi! I am sitting at my computer listening to your “Journey Home” CD and it is absolutely beautiful. I purchased it in Toronto a year ago and it is just what I needed today as well to help me relax and focus. I look forward to having more of your beautiful instrumental music in my home. Please send info on all your recordings as I’m sure I would enjoy any of them.
Anne Myers
Indianapolis, IN
I’ve been hearing Wayne Chaulk’s music often on CKMX Calgary and absolutely love it. His music and style is so distinctive. Would like to order several of his albums.
Sylvia Stickel
Calgary, Alberta
We listen to your Tapestries CD’s nearly every week in our home – gorgeous music. Where can I get more?
Gale Tesarski
Priddis, Alberta
I am a musician and I have listened to Wayne Chaulk’s “Journey Home” CD over and over. Your style is essential to the mood that you set with your music. I found your CD very enlightening and extremely soothing to listen to. Will be ordering others from your Web site.
Tony Taylor
Mount Vernon, New York
I came across this beautiful music recently on our US Air Force base. When we got home and played “Journey Home” by Wayne Chaulk, I knew we had to have more of this material. While different in style I put this music in the class of Yanni.
Bob & Jackie LaRue
Review of Inspirational Favourites CD. …..Some musicians create emotions and memories through lyrics and singing, Wayne Chaulk does it through his mastery ways with the keyboard and piano. This is an album not made for the hurried. It is an album that will lift our hearts up above the cares of this world to the arms of our creator…..
Timothy Yap, Music Editor
halles.com USA On line music reviews
What a wonderful surprise arrived in the mail today, Wayne Chaulk’s CD’s we ordered! Everyone here at work has enjoyed listening to them over and over. We will be ordering more.
Sharon Barnett
Castalia, Ohio
I currently have Wayne Chaulk’s “Journey Home” CD and really enjoy it. It’s the best music of its type I have ever heard. I would like to order all of his recordings.
Ric Williams
Bellingham, Washington
Would like to order all 9 of Wayne’s CD’s. Great music! Please send his catalogue. We found one CD in Germany and have enjoyed it very much but unable to find others in our town.
Steven McNeely
Mount Ulla, North Carolina
Would like to order Wayne’s CD’s. Very much appreciate his music. Hope to see more of his albums in the stores soon, they are hard to find locally.
Zoran Grubanov
Guelph, Ontario
Since seeing and hearing your features in in-flight magazines and programs, we have searched for your albums in Canada, the US and Europe during several business trips. Could you forward copies of all your recordings ASAP. The music has left a lasting impression on us.
Bernd Walter
Filderstadt, Germany
Great music to calm the soul. It’s hard to find beautiful music like this! Where can I find more of Wayne’s music.
Jan Mansoor
Fort Hood, Texas
I just bought the CD “Journey Home” by Wayne Chaulk and really love it. Thank you so much for producing this music. Could we have a catalogue of other recordings by Wayne?
Betty Southwick
Dixon, Mosouri
We would like to order all 10 of your CD’s. We are starting a restaurant and know your music would set the mood we want for our patrons, modern contemporary instrumentals that are both relaxing and entertaining.
Steve Barrett
Corner Brook, NFLD
Hi, Wayne! I recently became acquainted with your music and I just love it! I was dining at the well known Ginger Room in Okotoks, Alberta and was so taken by the music they were playing (your “Journey Home” CD), I asked who it was, and bought the CD then and there!
Karen Brown, musician
Calgary, Alberta
Like to order all of Wayne Chaulk albums. Absolutely love his music. Will be recommending to my friends.
Janice Richardson
Schaumburg, Illinois
We recently moved to Alberta and by listening to radio stations CKMX and FM 96 we have been introduced to your music. Thanks a lot and keep up the composing.
Vivian Choropita
Calgary, Alberta

Professional Testimonials

“In this business we get so much mediocre music that one begins to expect the worst when new recordings arrive. What a pleasant surprise when we auditioned Wayne Chaulk’s recordings. The VP of our station came quickly to ask…what is that beautiful music”? Most cuts have been added to our playlist.
“Excellent production, modern, contemporary and distinctive playing style. We are playing almost all cuts from 2 of your CD’s with listener call in’s on a regular basis requesting your material.
Montreal, Quebec
“Fresh, modern pop instrumentals, sorely needed to replace staple and weak instrumentals. All Chaulk CD’s a welcome to our station.
Honolulu, Hawaii
“Several songs from your CD’s have been in constant rotation on our station for over 2 years now. Excellent productions and material.
Spokane, Washington
Wayne’s CD’s are innovative with an excellent sound. As an artist he is inventive striking the right balance between an easy style and contemporary treatment. “Very positive listener response to your CD’s. Strong, distinctive arranging, playing style and productions.”
WEZW Radio
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
“Outstanding lively and lite instrumentals. Excellent releases by Wayne Chaulk”
Florence, Alabama
“Absolutely superb! Instant feature play – adding virtually all cuts. This is outstanding material. More, more!”
Halifax, Nova Scotia
“We received audience calls on your music as soon as we starting playing it. Excellent recordings.”
Colorado Springs, Colorado